Kuala Lumpur, April 2022As we develop in an ecosystem where collaboration is critical to delivering long-term solutions to our customers, this April, IPSB Technology partner focus highlights  Qumulo, Axle ai  and ABU DBS 2022 & Partners.   The Digital Broadcasting Symposium of IPSB and partners sessions and workshops will be covered . We will also discuss the  Qumulo  collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) partnership . We are also sharing case studies and success stories from our partners. . Head over to IPSB’s social media pages for updates.



Qumulo offers a portable software-defined file storage platform with data services that operates on-premises and in public clouds. The solution’s built-in performance analytics and capacity management is designed for files with large-scale, high-throughput workloads. Its primary market adoption has been in North America, where clients tend to be in the Media & Entertainment, Healthcare and Public sectors. Over the past 12 months, Qumulo continued international expansion to the APAC region with partnerships with IPSB Technology in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE); hired several new executives in support of growth initiatives; launched a native, managed Azure service; offered support for AWS Outposts and introduced an all-NVMe appliance based on HPE servers. Qumulo  best suite is for commercial HPC, analytics and hybrid cloud storage. Qumulo is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage as one of the leaders.


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Partners and ABU

ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2022  – 21-24 March

The ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2022 has ended after four days of sessions and workshops that attracted more than 1,000 participants.

The symposium, held virtually on 21-24 March, looked at the latest technologies available to broadcasters, with a focus this year on online technologies and remote broadcast operations and management.

With the theme ‘Evolving Media Workflows’, it featured 12 sessions and five workshops with more than 65 speakers with IPSB and partners involved in 4 sessions and one workshop across 4 days.  The participants represented 345 organizations in 92 countries.

IPSB Technology was a Major Sponsor, along with its partners axle.ai, Arista and AWS.


Go to their website page for the latest news on the ABU DBS 2022  here.

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About Axle Ai

The increased use of video by Broadcasters lies parallel with a rapid move to the cloud. Axle ai has released Axledit, a groundbreaking browser-based video editor with built-in collaboration, search, and publishing capabilities.  Axle.ai and IPSB Technology held a session titled ” Bridging The Gap ” to address broadcasters’ difficulties with multiple  workflows and change management.


This workshop gave ABU members the privilege of experiencing Axledit first. Axle ai and IPSB’s partnership allows for this technology to reach a wider customer base. The cost effective and easily deployed software made this possible.


Watch Recording of Workshop With Axle ai and IPSB Technology  here.

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