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Eduflix: e-Learning Made Fun

By Mardhiah Nasir, Executive Director, IPSB Technology   KUALA LUMPUR, 1st July 2021- The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit in 2019 which caused a major disruption in every economic sector. This pandemic is looking at being an endemic where economies have to look at living with Covid-19. Malaysia has been trying to find the best solution

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Blog: Employment: Interviews & The Art of Employee Selection

Employment: Interviews & The Art of Employee Selection 2 Dec 2020 by Irni Shazana, Head of Operations Reading the news article where Malaysia’s Higher Education Minister, Datuk Seri Noraini Ahmad stated that it is estimated an overwhelming 75,000 new graduates are expected to be struggling to find jobs due to the impact of Covid-19, I

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Blog: Education, Career and Technology

Education, Career and Technology 23 Nov 2020 by Irfan Aznal, Finance Executive Mismatch of skills and labour As I entered the ‘adult’ career world, it came to the realisation that our educational systems have not kept pace with the changing nature of work. This is the reason why many employers are saying they cannot find