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Success Story: DOSM – MySUL Migration to AWS Improved Access and Performance Issues 

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 October 2021 – In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), our success story with The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), which collects national economic and social statistics, has been released and is available here. IPSB was chosen as AWS Public Sector Partner to migrate the Malaysia Statistics Ubiquitous Learning (MySUL)—DOSM’s e-learning solution

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ASEAN Summit Brunei 2021: A Virtual Conference

BRUNEI, 1st October 2021 – Taking place in the month of October, the ASEAN Summit Brunei 2021 will be hosted by and taking place in the beautiful country of Brunei Darussalam. In previous years, dignitaries were treated to the beautiful and peaceful scenery of the ASEAN countries. However, due to the recent Corona pandemic, the

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RTB.go 2.0 : New Features,Better Experience

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM, 1 September 2021 -  RTB.go has shown much success in the past 2 years reaching 201,737 users on both web and mobile as of August 2021 which is almost 50% of Brunei’s 442,291 population. Today, users are able

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The Ultimate Audio on Demand (Podcast) Workshop with IPPTAR, RTM by IPSB Technology & Triton

With over 1.5 billion listeners worldwide, podcasts are fast becoming one of the fastest growing media segments in the world. Podcasts are gaining in popularity due to its portable nature. It is a preferred and interminable source of entertainment with its easy accessibility on smartphones, smart speakers, and other gadgets at any given point of

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IPSB Technology presents at the ABU DBS 2021 alongside AWS, axle ai, Dalet and Triton

Special thanks to Nadeem, Geraldine and the whole ABU team for inviting us to be part of this annual event and congratulations on the success. The 17th edition of the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium was held virtually on 5-8 April 2021 for the first time. Organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the symposium consisted of

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Eduflix: e-Learning Made Fun

By Mardhiah Nasir, Executive Director, IPSB Technology   KUALA LUMPUR, 1st July 2021- The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit in 2019 which caused a major disruption in every economic sector. This pandemic is looking at being an endemic where economies have to look at living with Covid-19. Malaysia has been trying to find the best solution

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Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) – why STaaS is the way to go

April 26, 202 by Mardhiah Nasir for ABU Technical Review We are honoured to have been invited as a writer for ABU Technical Review. The Q1 2021 Edition 285 features Mardhiah Nasir, Executive Director & VP of Sales IPSB Technology in discussing “Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) – why STaaS is the way to go”

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RTM Angkasapuri Goes Virtual for its 75th Year Anniversary

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 April 2021 – In conjunction with their 75th year anniversary in radio, television and broadcasting industry, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) invites the public to take a virtual tour of the RTM Headquarters. The virtual reality platform is a simulated environment of the galleries and offices that represent the organisation and tells a

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Arkib Negara Launches ’50 Fakta Rukun Negara’ e-Book

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 Dec 2020 – In conjunction with its 50th anniversary celebration, Arkib Negara has developed the digital book of ‘50 Fakta Rukun Negara’. This e-book is a compilation of 50 historical facts on Malaysia’s National Principle. The virtual launching of 50 Fakta Rukun Negara e-book took place on the 20th of December 2020


News: IPSB Technology x axle ai Webinar: Radically Simple Search

IPSB Technology x axle ai Webinar: Radically Simple Search 26 Nov 2020, Kuala Lumpur IPSB Technology in collaboration with axle ai held a webinar discussing the topic "Radically Simple Search" which took place on 25th Nov 2020 via Facebook Live