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Success Story: MEDIA PRIMA – Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS)

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 2016, Media Prima Berhad (Media Prima) awarded IPSB Technology the venture to provide a custom built and scalable solution for the organisation’s archiving and post-production workflows. Achieved in collaboration with Storage as a Service (STaas) partners,  IPSB Technology’s  Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) ensures easy access to archived data needed for

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News: IPSB Technology MoU Signing with KPLB

IPSB Technology MoU Signing with KPLB August 20, 2019 Desa Pintar Program is KPLB initiative is to reduce the digital gap between the rural and urban areas, enhance the knowledge and skills of the rural community and generate revenue through the digital platform. The six partners involved in this project are TM, Boost, Samsung, Vettons,

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IPSB Technology Raya Open House 2019

IPSB Technology welcomes clients to our Raya Open House 2019 in conjunction with IPSB’s 11th Anniversary. Our deepest gratitude to those who took their time to attend our Raya Open House. Special thanks to YB Senator Tuan Yusmadi & En Megat Mohd Yatim for officiating the event. We hope you enjoyed the food, meeting new