KUALA LUMPUR, November 2021 – IPSB Technology is proud and humbled to be featured in its first ever case study with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The case study analyses the collaboration between AWS, Boom Lab’s Glue Media Publishing System and IPSB Technology. It has allowed acceleration of time-to-market of video streaming and mobile applications for Radio Television Brunei’s RTB.go.


RTB.go is a web and mobile application platform run on AWS’s Cloud delivery Network (CDN), Cloudfront. It has allowed easier access to  the data stored online especially during high traffic hours. The CDN also allows for lower latency and a more stable overall website performance. 


By August 2021, the RTB.go platform has  over 151,925 users on web and 49,812 users via its mobile application platform. Bringing a total of  over 45% of the nations’ population, both locally and internationally, as the platform’s users, combined.  The launching of its newest channel, Channel Aneka, which took place in August 2021, is its largest event to date. Raking in over 280 terabytes of data to stream the launching online. 


IPSB relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 to store video content, Amazon CloudFront to minimize latency. It also uses AWS Elemental Live for live video transcoding and packaging  to quickly deploy cloud solutions. 



As a complementary platform to AWS’s CDN, Glue Media Publishing System by Boom Labs played a pivotal role in the success of the RTB.go platform. Creating new content efficiently with manual or automated video and audio processing. It also enables management of end-to-end publishing workflow from a single interface. It’s efficiency to scale highly support users, content, media storage, and media applications. As a result,  Glue Media Publishing System’s  intelligent content processing and publishing rules allowed RTB.go to target audiences with scheduling, geo-filtering and user entitlements.


Special congratulations for a job well done to the team which includes IPSB Technology’s Executive Director, Ms Mardhiah Nasir, Head of Technology, Mr Farikh Ikram Mohammed, and our Digital Media and Cloud Engineers, Mr Ben Quah, Ms, Faraheen Fadzillullah and Mr Safwan Shahruddin


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