In today’s disruptive education demand we need to cater to digital native students that will require education digital learning transformation. IPSB Technology strength and strategy as an enabler for education sectors by improvising their Online Video/Audio Learning and managing digital education asset management.

The kind of customers who love our work is the ones who would like to have successful blended learning and high students engagement. Another concern that we able to address will be overloading unmanaged assets and infrastructure limitation.

Our Eduflix solution is all about end-to-end OTT Platform (OTT) for education managed services that allow organisations to have  multiple functions;

  • video on demand
  • live streaming
  • webinar
  • interactive classes.

On top of that, we also provide an intelligent digital media and digital asset management that provides a managed structure of your system.

As an industry expert, we offer customizable, intelligence down to faculty level, broadcast-grade solution for our video management and digital asset management that is widely used around the world.