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IPSB has been an active advocate in the development of Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry since its inception in 2008. We had helped shaped the future of the industry by leveraging on technological advancement to create a more efficient and cost-effective workflow for our customers.

Our offerings encompass services from the moment the cameras start rolling up to the point of media publishing and archival. In the past decade, M&E companies have embraced digital technologies that help them not only create and deliver their products in new and compelling ways but also collect, store and use a massive amount of data to gain deeper insights into their customers.

We applaud the initiative taken by M&E companies as it is crucial that their customer remains loyal in this ever more competitive environment. Our pool of resources consisting of industry subject matter experts and IT experts have helped create a synergy between both world and further propelled the dream of streamlining the process while winning the hearts and minds of their audience

We stand out from the rest because we are obsessed in solving our customer pain points while taking into consideration future improvement that is required from the integration of the proposed solution with the current environment. With instant access to premium content, audience expectations are higher than ever. Dependable technology is essential to produce and deliver exceptional projects under any deadline.