Kuala Lumpur  22 June 2024 –  As an Apple Authorized Reseller focusing on Education and Enterprise solutions, IPSB Technology is thrilled to welcome The Exchange TRX, Apple’s latest retail store, to Kuala Lumpur. The grand opening on June 22nd signifies Apple’s continued commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences in Malaysia.

Apple The Exchange TRX offers a unique opportunity for retail, businesses and educational institutions to explore the full potential of Apple products and services. IPSB Technology shares this vision, and we’re confident that Apple’s new store will be a valuable resource for our clients. Our clients Media Prima, RTM, LAKU and other enterprise customers benefit from Apple’s ability to foster streamline collaborations with a powerful machine within organizations.

While IPSB Technology specializes in tailored solutions for education and enterprise needs, The Exchange TRX provides a dynamic environment for individual customers to discover the latest Apple products. This new store will undoubtedly enhance the overall Apple experience in Kuala Lumpur, benefiting both businesses and consumers.

IPSB Technology looks forward to collaborating with Apple to empower businesses and educational institutions with the transformative power of Apple technology. Contact us at apple@ipsb.com.my for any inquiry on your Apple business needs.