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The Ultimate Audio on Demand (Podcast) Workshop with IPPTAR, RTM by IPSB Technology & Triton

With over 1.5 billion listeners worldwide, podcasts are fast becoming one of the fastest growing media segments in the world. Podcasts are gaining in popularity due to its portable nature. It is a preferred and interminable source of entertainment with its easy accessibility on smartphones, smart speakers, and other gadgets at any given point of

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IPSB Technology presents at the ABU DBS 2021 alongside AWS, axle ai, Dalet and Triton

Special thanks to Nadeem, Geraldine and the whole ABU team for inviting us to be part of this annual event and congratulations on the success. The 17th edition of the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium was held virtually on 5-8 April 2021 for the first time. Organised by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, the symposium consisted of

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MEDIA PRIMA – Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS)

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 2016, Media Prima Berhad (Media Prima) awarded IPSB Technology the venture to provide a custom built and scalable solution for the organisation’s archiving and post-production workflows. Achieved in collaboration with Storage as a Service (STaas) partners,  IPSB Technology’s  Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) ensures easy access to archived data needed for

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Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) – why STaaS is the way to go

April 26, 202 by Mardhiah Nasir for ABU Technical Review We are honoured to have been invited as a writer for ABU Technical Review. The Q1 2021 Edition 285 features Mardhiah Nasir, Executive Director & VP of Sales IPSB Technology in discussing “Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) – why STaaS is the way to go”

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News: IPSB appoints Mardhiah Nasir as new Executive Director

April 1, 2021 Datuk Nasir Baki, Managing Director of IPSB Technology made the announcement to appoint Mardhiah Nasir, the VP of Sales, as its new Executive Director today at the start of our third quarter. ‘I just want to make an announcement that effectively this month, Mardhiah as a VP of Sales has been officially

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Blog: Avoid Cloudy Days: Tips for Successful Cloud Data Storage Management

Avoid Cloudy Days: Tips for Successful Cloud Data Storage Management 18 Jan 2021 by Muhammad Nurfaiz, Migration Engineer Cloud storage is an online storage media that allows users to store data or information on an available virtual server. With cloud storage, users no longer need to carry physical storage. Cloud-based software upgrades have offered companies

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Blog: Reaching The Cloud

Reaching The Cloud 28 Dec 2020 by Ahmad Safwan, Support Engineer Technology is evolving as time goes, yes this includes IT infrastructure that is mostly deployed on own premises. Back then we used to plan an upfront cost to deploy a new infrastructure or upgrade the infrastructure where it does not compromise until when it

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Blog: Employment: Interviews & The Art of Employee Selection

Employment: Interviews & The Art of Employee Selection 2 Dec 2020 by Irni Shazana, Head of Operations Reading the news article where Malaysia’s Higher Education Minister, Datuk Seri Noraini Ahmad stated that it is estimated an overwhelming 75,000 new graduates are expected to be struggling to find jobs due to the impact of Covid-19, I


News: IPSB Technology x axle ai Webinar: Radically Simple Search

IPSB Technology x axle ai Webinar: Radically Simple Search 26 Nov 2020, Kuala Lumpur IPSB Technology in collaboration with axle ai held a webinar discussing the topic "Radically Simple Search" which took place on 25th Nov 2020 via Facebook Live

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Blog: Education, Career and Technology

Education, Career and Technology 23 Nov 2020 by Irfan Aznal, Finance Executive Mismatch of skills and labour As I entered the ‘adult’ career world, it came to the realisation that our educational systems have not kept pace with the changing nature of work. This is the reason why many employers are saying they cannot find