AI is shaking up sports broadcasting! 

Forget cookie-cutter sports broadcasts! AI is taking things to the next level, making consumers’ viewing experience personal and interactive. The result? They feel more connected to the game, like you’re right on the field. It’s an immersive and engaging experience that takes Malaysian sports viewing to a whole new level!

This article dives into how AI is changing the way we watch sports and what it means for the future.



Behind the Scenes: Tech Challenges of Sports Broadcasting

  • Storing all those game videos is hard: Handling the flood of high-quality video from games and sports events is tough.  Saving tons of 4K game footage without slowing things down is a big problem.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Analyzing videos quickly during live games is important for everyone from coaches to refs to make decisions. Computers need to handle this data in a flash.
  • Personalized Content Delivery: Showing fans what they want to see. Technology must quickly figure out what each viewer likes to watch and show them relevant content, such as favorite players or game highlights.
  • Security Measures: Protecting sensitive videos, like training sessions, from unauthorized access is vital. Strong security measures are needed to keep them safe from rivals or hackers.

Level Up Your Game Day: Building Blocks for an Epic Viewing Experience

  • Easier Video Search: Use Media Asset Management (MAM) and AI to make it easier to find the videos you want with enhanced metadata tagging, facial, object and even logo recognition.
  • Better Video Storage: ESAS, a solution by IPSB, is a powerful Storage As A Service (STaaS) solution for organizations that deal with large data volumes. It provides a scalable, secure and cost-effective way to store, manage and access data across multiple workloads.
  • Automated Process: AI can revolutionize your daily workflow by automating repetitive tasks. Leverage its capabilities to analyze data, identify patterns and perform intelligent decisions, giving you more time for strategic works.
  • Automatic Highlights: Use AI to automatically edit videos and show you the best parts of the game.
  • VR/AR Fun: Combine AI and special technology (VR/AR) to create interactive experiences, like feeling like you’re right in the game!

What does this mean? With the right technology building blocks and AI in sports, organizations can find videos easier, viewers get instant highlights and real-time stats on their favorite players. Imagine watching a nail-biting Sepak Takraw match and seeing detailed graphics pop up, showing a favorite player’s kicking accuracy throughout the game. But it’s not just about fancy graphics. AI tailors the broadcast to consumer’s interests. Want to see more action from Lee Zii Jia in badminton or hear insights on our favorite Harimau Malaya football strategy? AI can make it happen.

Axle AI and IPSB Technology  team up to help broadcasters!

With a proven history of collaboration, we empower broadcasters to streamline content, improve access, and boost efficiency. We are proud to share Radio Televisyen Malaysia’s celebrated  Digital Archive Project (ADiB)  project which won Innovation in HD News Digital Archive at the APB+ Awards Singapore 2023 and ABU 2023 Seoul : Best Article Award for Practical Implementation. 

Discover more about Axle AI’s transformative impact for sports in Mumbai through Quidich where Rahat Kulshreshtha, Founder and CEO of Quidich mentioned “Now, what earlier took us 4 or 5 hours – where somebody needed footage from a particular location, area or monument – now takes us a matter of minutes. Earlier, all that footage was sitting on hard drives in our office – now, it’s available to anyone across the globe with high efficiency”.  

Join the revolution in sports broadcasting—elevate your game with Axle AI and IPSB Technology today!