In 2016, Media Prima Berhad (Media Prima) awarded IPSB Technology the venture to provide a custom built and scalable solution for the organisation’s archiving and post-production workflows. Achieved in collaboration with Storage as a Service (STaas) partners,  IPSB Technology’s  Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) ensures easy access to archived data needed for its extensive data archiving & post production functions. 

To provide a solution for Media Prima, IPSB Technology partnered with DELL for its DELL EMC Isilon Hardware; Dalet – Software for Media Asset Management; ARISTA – Networking Component Software, MXF Server – Production Asset Management and XSCALAR – IPSB Technology’s very own White Box Server. In utilizing DELL EMC , IPSB was able to deploy the hardware in managing Petabytes Centralized Storage for Hybrid Cloud solution.


Established in 2003, Media Prima Berhad (Media Prima) has grown exponentially becoming Malaysia’s leading, fully-integrated media company. They transitioned from a traditional based media business to evolving into a mix of conventional and digital media (new media). During and in pursuant of its expansion years, Media Prima was faced with challenges in its archiving and post production department. They were also challenged with the growing CapEx cost in managing its data;


The existing architecture encompasses two storage repositories. The use of LTO and Digi Beta tapes caused a complicated retrieval and restoring process for all the archived materials as it required manually inserting tape via LTO tape using a robotic tape library. The architecture is such that file ingestion and processing period takes a long time. File transfers between the two storage requires an adequate network; as the media assets grow, they cannot cater anymore. For 29 years Media Prima has built up a huge library of content of video , audio and images from TV Production to Radio to Print and Digital Media. The fast progressions in technology combined with the unlimited opportunities within broadcaster and publisher has transformed Media Prima as a key player that remains strong in the market by constructing disruptive business models. Media Prima needs to address this issue as they grow bigger it consumes more infrastructure capacity and costs more to manage. 


Post Production

Media Prima’s Post Production existing architecture does not cater to future high-resolution video editing format and possible incremental number of in-house production. This demands a scalable and high throughput production server. The Production Asset Management (PAM) also requires a collaborative workflow infrastructure that allows integration with solutions that can verify the right/permitted file format and specification with multiple business units and layers of approval process. 


Based on Media Prima’s challenges, IPSB also considered a few considerations that would affect the project whereby being a national broadcaster, Media Prima runs 24/7 which limits the downtime possibilities. Since 1984, the existing media legacy analogs format of 150,000 assets needs to be addressed that cause longer migration time. The existing infrastructure could not cater to the growing and expanding workload for Media Prima requiring a better retrieval and restoring time for the archived material. Hence improving Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is crucial. Therefore, recognising the fact that in order to expand and stay current in the Media Entertainment industry, IPSB needs to provide a solution for Media Prima to restructure their architecture. 



By awarding the project to IPSB Technology, Media Prima expects IPSB to come up with a solution in achieving these specific objectives from two main functions within the organisation. Through the Enterprise Storage as a Service (STaaS), IPSB combines Managed Services with ESAS to achieve a commendable archiving system and solve the post production issues.

The first initiative was consolidating the storage architecture into ESAS which became the  centralized repository for Media Prima Broadcast environments. This simplified architecture involved migrating 150,000 media assets from the LTO Tape archive into ESAS. Therefore, this resulted in the workflow for asset retrieval and storage is now minimized by having the centralized storage architecture.

The next order of business was in finding scalable petabytes storage with very high data availability. With DELL EMC Isilon’s highly efficient and resilient active archiving storage, it  provides long-term data retention for Media Prima’s large-scale data archives. In this ESAS architecture, the A2000 & HD400 is chosen for the Deep Archive and X410 for its high performance feature. The proven scale-out architecture of Isilon, keeping pace with growing archive needs, is then possible. Isilon also enables safe data archiving with its choice of enterprise-grade data protection and security options. 

With its own in-house production function, Media Prima’s archive system also needed to be equipped in handling post production needs. The requirement was a scalable and high thorough-put production server. This was crucial to cater for future high-resolution video editing format in lieu of the possible incremental number of in-house production. To fulfill this requirement, DELL Isilon’s X410 was provisioned with MXFserver that was used to utilise the Production Asset Management system (PAM) coupled with the Dalet software with their Media Asset Management (MAM) capabilities. These software complemented ESAS for integration of solutions that can verify the right/permitted file format and specifications with multiple business units and layers of approval process. In short, a MAM and PAM system, intended specifically for production use, made it easier and more efficient for Media Prima to ingest, produce, store and broadcast their digital media assets.

ESAS for Media Prima is a flexible and scalable provision for unlimited growth. The ability to increase and decrease storage capacity on demand, as well as eliminate silos and consolidate their workloads enhances Media Prima’s effectiveness. ESAS managed services include primary data storage,near-line storage, collaboration, file sharing, archiving, backup and disaster recovery. Paired with cost effective and industrialized SaaS centralised storage solution, it is a perfect fit for high performance workload, media digitisation, content migration and data orchestrator. With ESAS, we’ve managed almost petabytes of data daily for Media Prima, significantly reducing their operating cost with the pay-as-you-go pricing. 





  • ESAS allows multiple departments to collaborate on work to reach objectives in the shortest time possible;starting with only 10 workflows which is about 5 %, currently 90% Media Prima workflow is using ESAS.
  • With the flexibility of infrastructure, customer be able to venture into new business and focus on generating revenue via latest tech and cost optimization
  • DELL Isilon’s Scale Out data storage solutions are powerful with simplified managing capabilities which allowed IPSB to manage and keep up with each challenge set that was identified earlier on by tackling each objective at its core.
  • IPSB Technology’s challenge in applying its ESAS managed services to Media Prima’s needs was in having an easily adaptable and expandable archiving solution, one of which DELL EMC ISILON provides in the form of the A200, HF400 and X410.


“The ESAS (Enterprise Storage Archiving System) enables Media Prima to have a high availability centralized video content storage system as opposed to fragmented storage arrays of video storage servers. Eliminating complex video workflows to a more simplified architecture approach provides us with the visibility and agility to continuously over-deliver our video content production’s demands for fast and always available storage systems.


Cost optimization can be delivered through a Pay-Per-Use storage model, avoiding storage over-provisioning and at the same time delivers storage on demand.” – Mohamad Rezwan Khalil Azmi, Chief Technology Officer, Media Prima Berhad


“Leveraging on IPSB Technology Managed Services ESAS enable us to centralized content storage opposed to the previously fragmented arrays of video servers”  – Zuraidah Atan ex-Chief Technology Officer, Media Prima Berhad




IPSB’s collaboration with DELL dates back to 2008, with a number of projects with PETRONAS, Malaysia’s premier and fully integrated oil and gas company. This relationship has extended more than a decade, further familiarizing IPSB in DELL’s various storage solutions with choices that range from all-flash, hybrid and archive NAS platforms. 

IPSB Technology expertise with Dell EMC Isilon ranging from deployment for Broadcast, Oil & Gas with Petronas, Malaysian Genome Institute, government agencies and many more users that require a scale out and agile storage infrastructure.


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