April 26, 202 by Mardhiah Nasir for ABU Technical Review

We are honoured to have been invited as a writer for ABU Technical Review. The Q1 2021 Edition 285 features Mardhiah Nasir, Executive Director & VP of Sales IPSB Technology in discussing “Enterprise Storage Archiving System (ESAS) – why STaaS is the way to go” .  Recently, Mardhiah was also a speaker at ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2021 

Thank You Mr Ahmad Nadeem, Editor for the opportunity. 

Turn to page 7  for what Mardhiah has to say. Below are some excerpts of the article.

“… our biggest challenge will be the infrastructure capability to handle all these”


The demand on performance data centres and the need for speed in media asset collaboration has forced broadcasters and media houses to rethink and redesign their workflow architecture.

With never-ending requirements for storage capacity, users need a clear understanding of the overall technology and performance objectives, but with a dizzying array of options available, it is difficult to find the right technology…..


For broadcasters experiencing symptoms of being burdened by the many tasks that accompany storage, or looking for ways to refocus the efforts of their IT personnel, ESAS is definitely worth considering.

Storage is a major component of IT operations, and it has the potential to save time and money with the right strategy. One must start by seeking the assistance of a reliable, proven STaaS partner.

Fully supported, fully managed service can eliminate the need to hire additional IT personnel or strain current resources.

Specialist providers, like IPSB Technology, can help broadcasters find the right Storage as a Service solution for their business models.

We can offer quick turnaround of secure, resilient, redundant, and encrypted storage.

Solutions may physically reside at the clients’ existing sites, or colocation facilities to ensure security and compliance.”


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