KUALA LUMPUR, December 2022 – Radio Televisyen Malaysia’s (RTM) free-to-air OTT platform RTMKlik  drew a total of 34 million views for the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022. RTMKlik has succeeded in handling traffic spikes expected during the Games.

The event, powered by IPSB Technology and partners ; Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS Elemental for its video processing and broadcasting streams , Fortinet’s “Fortigate” for its next-gen firewall , Arista for its network switches able to handle high-traffic environments and  Maxis for its telco and router services.


The solution provided by IPSB Technology was an end-to-end OTT platform. It handles a scalable and highly secured , cloud-based video broadcasting platform. The solution is enabled to handle traffic spikes without any lag or buffering issues at a lower cost. 

The result was a seamless viewing experience for its viewers.

Automatic Scaling and Seamless Viewer Experience

IPSB and partners enables RTM to increase its viewers through the use of RTMklik.  It can be viewed through various platforms,  through its mobile app available from Android Play Store and Apple App Store. 

RTMKlik could scale its infrastructure based on the number of viewers. AWS Cloudfront enable content delivery without buffering that provides viewers a seamless experience with minimal disruption.


Cost Efficient 

The World Cup Qatar 2022 as a once a year event, drew massive views through the OTT platform.  RTMKlik need to be scalable  to handle a spike in traffic during these kinds of events. By shifting workloads from on-premises hardware to the public cloud managed by the cloud provider,  it enables RTMKlik’s team to omit committing days of pre-planning or in needing additional manpower . Furthermore, IPSB’s OPEX pay model proves to be way more cost-efficient than the previous CAPEX model as payments are based only on the services used. 


Streamlined Video Workflows

RTM’s mix of modern and legacy systems for production and streaming workflows cause difficulty of integration,  forestalling a seamless workflow for the OTT team. RTM  was late to migrate to the cloud as is most  government organization . This limits its grasp of technical knowledge on cloud technology.

The AWS Cloud has proven to be easier to operate, monitor, and maintain, and RTM no longer has to worry about day-to-day tasks.  IPSB powered by Glue and AWS, provides RTMKlik the guidance and simplification on how content creators and producers create workloads. 

On 19th May 2023, Amazon Web Services published a video case study on its official AWS Public Sector Channel, titled “RTM confidently handles 29% surge in viewership after scaling its infrastructure with AWS”.



Please also visit Amazon Web Service’s, AWS Public Sector  Youtube channel for the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-voLdUG-lUw .


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