World Cup 2022 by RTMKlik

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ ended on 18 December. 41 selected matches of the FIFA World Cup competition  have been played on RTMKlik.  RTMKlik has achieved more 34 million views for the Games with 2.3 million accounted for the final live match between Argentina and France.



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Media Asset Management for Broadcasting

Broadcasters are facing a  complex environment with the rise of new video files, with different formats and aimed at different platforms. This has created a necessity for media companies to correctly manage every media asset and automate repetitive tasks as much as possible in order to increase efficiency and avoid mistakes.

An efficient Media Asset Management (MAM) system enables centralising of assets to allow for easy organisation of large media files. This month we are focusing on how we and our technology partner, Cantemo can benefit broadcasters with a media asset management (MAM) system. 


Cantemo is a hybrid-cloud, media asset management system that supports efficient, remote production workflows. Cantemo’s MAM catalogues assets  using custom metadata fields that offers a structured search for managing  media content, at anytime and anywhere. Cantemo’s ease of integration with your preferred cloud environment, post production workflow tools and various archiving solutions ensures an efficient and quick deployment of the system. Furthermore, Cantemo enables you to have a customizable dashboard view of your assets and enables simple related item association within a single interface.

Read on how ProSiebenSat.1 , a German free to air television network relies on Cantemo’s system to combine its  broadcast and digital operations. 

Case Study – Combining complexity and quality


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