The new NORMAL for SMEs

13 April 2020 by Nasir Baki, managing Director

As a global pandemic, COVID-19 has not only affected the health of people and the well-being of society, it has shown that no business owner is immune to world events that devastate the economy—but it is no excuse to find a way to move a business forward in the toughest of conditions. SMEs and micro-businesses like us, IPSB Technology makeup two-thirds of the workforce of the country and contribute 40% of Malaysia’s economy.

To soften the blow for the nation until this COVID-19 dust settles, our Prime Minister announced various stimulus packages valued more than RM 280 billion to ensure the nation’s workforce still have jobs, companies are supported and families are taken care of. However, the role that us as employers play in the response to coronavirus is therefore critical. In my own case, thinking about the twenty employees and their families is first, and that is through preparing our business for the worst, how to support employees through school closures, self-isolation and adapting to the new normal.

What came to my mind was that the decision to go into technology 20 years ago should not be wasted, as part of an immediate risk management response and contingency planning for the future.

IPSB People to Stay Safe & Connected

As our biggest asset, IPSB people know that we want them to stay safe, that we will support them as they deal with the impact of travel restrictions, school closures, the need to care of relatives, and being responsible citizens within their communities.

Leverage on Technology

For business continuity, we have always practised some level of ‘remote workplace’, this was strengthened by the head of departments testing their capacity starting 17th March 2020. Our team leveraged on digital technology and cloud capabilities to ensure all our partners and customers are supported during this time.

Adaptive Solutions

In the midst of this unpredictable environment, our team worked together to find potential strategic solutions that will benefit enterprises and the nation’s economic impact. As a fore front runner of technology, we encourage our customers to re-evaluate the importance to go digital and adopt cloud computing. The ability for enterprises to have infrastructures that are either on-premise, on the cloud or hybrid can really make or break a business.

One of the many things to take away is that we are reminded again that in a time of crisis, as global industries, communities and citizens, we come together to find a solution. This time it’s humans and technology together for the greater good. At the end of the day, we want our people to feel valued, in bad times as well as good. Time is definitely of the essence for companies striving to combat the immediate impact of COVID-19 while also laying the foundation for a strong future.

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