Big Data provides a tremendous help to organizations making critical decisions that drive their businesses. At the same time, Big Data requires storing and efficiently processing terabytes or exabytes of unstructured data. These requirements create an extraordinary challenge for CTOs and Network Operators, requiring new and innovative technologies.



Arista Networks, a partner of IPSB Technology is an industry leader in the networking demands of big data analytics, flash-based and scale out storage, and hyper-converged compute solutions. These solutions are driving a migration from legacy fibre channel to next generation IP-based storage networks. Arista Networks, a  partner of IPSB Technology, offers these next generation storage applications and solutions for Big Data and IP Storage.

Below are the case studies and white papers that shows how Arista stay on top of the game to deliver innovative products worldwide.


White Paper  1: Week one August

Arista : Why Big Data Needs Big Buffer Switches 


White Paper  2: Week three August

Arista : Deploying IP Storage Infrastructures



Qumulo is the breakthrough leader in simplifying unstructured file data management for high-performance workloads at exabyte scale. Qumulo manages 200+ billion files, 64 billion files in a single production cluster, and a 20+ petabyte management capability with a single full-time employee.

With Qumulo,  you use one file data platform to manage, store, and share file data wherever it makes the most sense for your users, applications, and workflows. Qumulo makes it simple for you to store, manage, and create with file data at massive scale, anywhere you choose.


Case Study  1: Week two August

Qumulo  : Raynault VFX Builds Ultra-Fast Cloud Render Farm with AWS and Qumulo


Case study 2: Week four August

Qumulo : Anthem Sports & Entertainment Massively Improves Reliability and Productivity, Consolidates 10 Channels of Broadcast Content onto Qumulo