As technology evolves daily, sustainability becomes more and more important to ensure environmental preservation for future generations. To achieve this level of preservation, everyone has a part to play. Incidentally, this includes the Information Technology (IT) industry. As part of the IT community, Blancco Technology Group,a  partner of IPSB Technology, aims to guarantee this outcome.


Blancco Technology Group provides 100% secure erasure of data for smartphones, laptops , loose drives, servers and more with certified solutions that help meet the required data protection and compliance regulations.

Read more on the reality and policies of data sanitisation, the financial and environmental costs of it and risks of data security in second hand assets below


Case study 1: Week two July 

Blancco : Data Sanitisation: Policy vs Reality


Case study 2: Week three July

Blancco : The Price of Destruction



Arista Networks, a partner of IPSB Technology is an industry leader in data driven, client to cloud networking for large data center, campus and routing environments. Arista’s platforms deliver availability, agility, automation, analytics and security through an advanced network operating stack.

Below are the case studies that shows how Arista stay on top of the game to deliver innovative products worldwide.


Case study 3: Week four July

Arista : Cloud Grade Networking for Broadcast, Digital Media Creation, Post Production, Content Distribution and Storage


Case study 4: Week four July

Arista : IP Storage Networking and Next Generation Platforms



Happening in July, strategic partners of IPSB Technology, the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) will be hosting a cloud workshop focusing on Cloud Technologies for Media Services. The three day workshop will be held from the 25th of July till the 27th of July 2022 at the Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The physical workshop will feature a session presented by our partners Amazon Web Services (AWS), represented by Shad Hashmi and IPSB Technology’s Media and Entertainment vertical Key Account Manager, Shukri Ali entitled “Scaling Media and Broadcast Services with Cloud Computing”. The session will be featured on Day 1, 25th July 2022 of the event.

To register for the event, visit the link here and take part in this interesting workshop and meet our partners and team.

Please visit our featured speaker, AWS’s Shad Hashmi’s Linkedin here  to know more.

Please also visit IPSB Technology’s Shukri Ali’s Linkedin here to connect with him.