Avoid Cloudy Days: Tips for Successful Cloud Data Storage Management

18 Jan 2021 by Muhammad Nurfaiz, Migration Engineer

Cloud storage is an online storage media that allows users to store data or information on an available virtual server. With cloud storage, users no longer need to carry physical storage. Cloud Data Storage Management ensures your company’s  data to be securely stored in the Cloud .  Cloud-based software upgrades have offered companies from all sectors a number of benefits, including the ability to use software from any device, either through native apps or browsers. As a result, users can seamlessly transfer their files and settings to other devices. From my experience at IPSB Technology with Digital Media Engineer team,  Storage management planning for migration of media files from LTO Tape to the new Archive Storage is more challenging for us to ensure all of the media files or clip is working well after transcoding that media before migrating into Archive Server.

Thanks to the cloud computing services, users can retrieve their files or data email on any computer and even save files using services Amazon Web Service (AWS). The cloud computing service also allows users to back up their music, video, files and photos, ensuring that those files will be available immediately in the event of a hard drive crash. Here are tips for successful cloud data storage management.


Creating Backup

In all organizations, business-critical data must be secure, available at short notice, and restorable to a specific time in the past. Using AWS cloud storage services, organizations would use the same or similar backup software and agents. Furthermore, would back up their data to the cloud, which should have sufficient capacity and moderate latency to meet backup and recovery objectives.


Organizations are increasingly being forced to retain larger volumes of data  for longer periods of time. The range of data can be  from decades to a century or more. The traditional approach is to back up long-term retention data to an external storage media, often tape, and keep it stored off-site.

DR as A Service

Part of a successful cloud data storage management plan might include DRaaS disaster recovery as a service. Having a good DRaaS design will protect an organizations critical business data from loss. These disaster recovery solutions require a business to help them understand what they need from their service.


Cloud data management is changing the way businesses think about data. The cloud provides versatility, security, and professional data management assistance. Business data should be kept up-to-date and secure. Moreover, the data must be made available to the people who need it. Whenever and wherever they need it.

Ready to get started with cloud-based disaster recovery? IPSB Technology can help! IPSB Technology can consult you on the best approaches, where you can save on resources, time, and costs. We have utilized the cloud by providing solutions such as Managed Services, Big Data Infrastructure and Digital Media. Here at IPSB Technology, our solution is not limited to the cloud, we also provide on-premise and hybrid solutions to meet the requirements. Check here to get to know more about these three areas of our solutions.


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