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28 Dec 2020 by Ahmad Safwan, Support Engineer

Technology is evolving as time goes, yes this includes IT infrastructure that is mostly deployed on own premises. Back then, we used to plan an upfront cost to deploy a new infrastructure or upgrade the infrastructure. This is done to ensure it is not compromised and when it can still meet the demand requirements. Cloud computing services are now provided by a variety of public cloud service providers. Customers or end-users has no need to burden themselves with this issue anymore. Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. It allows access to the same kind of application running on a physical server. Here are the benefits of using cloud computing services for business.

Flexibility to Design and Deploy

Cloud computing gives users the flexibility to design and deploy their applications as they want without infrastructure size restrictions. Users can start from a small, test environment, and scale up the deployment when the demand is higher. This flexibility enables the ability to size the application according to demand. This in turn helps users to focus more on the application build rather than on the infrastructure. Cloud computing services can all be accessed via the internet. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an example of such service. AWS provides a GUI console for users to easily deploy and size the cloud computing resources with just a few clicks via the internet. 

The flexibility of cloud computing improves more with auto-scaling features. These feature ensure the infrastructure on the cloud are  scaled based on demand. Auto-scale leads to the cost efficiency of cloud deployment. For example at IPSB, we have deployed web hosting with its content delivery network (CDN) within half of a day, shorten the launch cycle, and have more time to focus more on the development and improvement of the content for the rest of the due left.

Cost Efficiency

Next, is ensuring cost efficiency. Most of the cloud computing provided by the cloud providers is in pay per use model where users only pay based on their usage. This is reflected in the previous point where cloud computing enables flexibility to manage the resource sizing based on demand. Compared to an ‘on-premise’ infrastructure where users need to pay for the hardware up-front where there is a possibility of under or over-provisioning the infrastructure which leads to non-cost efficiency. 

Cloud computing will ease users to provision their design at an optimum state with the addition of auto-scale features. Users can reduce CAPEX costs as there is no more spending on purchasing and maintaining equipment, and also an investment in facilities or building to grow the business. Since downtime is rare in cloud computing, there will be no more cost on fixing potential issues related to downtime.

Securely Stored and Handled

Lastly, many advanced security features offered by cloud computing services ensure data is securely stored and handled. For example, most of the cloud storage from cloud providers implement baseline protections on the platforms as well as how the data being processed such as authentication, access control, and encryption. From this, most enterprises add more security measures of their own to ensure more secure access to sensitive data on the cloud. Also, as we are a cloud provider partner, we will provide the necessary guidance on what kind of data to be stored on the cloud by identifying which is public or sensitive data from the user environment.

Cloud computing adoption is increasing over the years, as many businesses and organizations begin to realize and recognize the significant improvement of their business, production, and revenue by adopting cloud services.

Look no further than to begin your adoption of cloud computing technology with IPSB Technology where we can consult you on the best approaches, where you can save on resources, time, and costs. We have utilized the cloud by providing solutions such as Over The Top (OTT) and Digital Delivery Platform.  Here at IPSB Technology, our solution is not limited to the cloud, we also provide on-premise and hybrid solutions to meet the requirements. Check here to get to know more about these three areas of our solutions.

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