Akil Balik Contract Signing Ceremony

Sept 8, 2020, by IPSB Media

A contract signing ceremony was held between IPSB Technology (IPSB Media), Cinemalaya Studio along with the crews and the actors who will be involved in the making of telemovie “Akil Balik”.

Managing Director, Nasir Baki also attended the ceremony with Vice President of Sales, Mardhiah Nasir to kick off the “Akil Balik” project with Cinemalaya Studio.

Nasir hopes that this “Akil Balik” project will be a benchmark for the start of IPSB Media production led by Omar Nasir as the producer of the telemovie “Akil Balik”.

The filming of this telemovie will start on September 10, 2020, which will be starring the country’s leading actors such as Farahdiya, Ameerul Asyraf, Nik Adam Mikael, Hasnul Rahmat, Tunku Hanis, Megat Sharizal and others.

Earlier, IPSB Technology received the Digital Content Fund (DKD) distributed by Finas last July.

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