AWS Education Insights Webinar featuring Mardhiah Nasir

July 28, 2020

Join Ms Mardhiah Nasir on 6th August 2020, Thursday (Session 3): Remote Communication, Collaboration, and Media Delivery for Online Learning (Level 200) during the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Education Insights Webinar Series – Scaling remote learning with speed and security on the cloud.

In these unprecedented times, education institutions have to adapt and quickly pivot to remote learning. Cloud and digital capabilities serve as essential drivers during this time.

Join us in this webinar series to learn what are the key technologies that can help you accelerate your transformation journey effectively. Discover how to leverage Moodle on Amazon Web Services (AWS), remote communication and collaboration technology, security and compliance, and more. If you are a technical audience in the education sector, including IT leaders, IT administrators, and IT professionals, join us and register here.

It’s important to select the right technology that is simple to scale within a short time with enterprise-grade security.

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