Technical Support During The Movement Control Order

4 May 2020 by Ben Quah, Digital Media Engineer

The Covid-19 pandemic disruption is sweeping across our nation, and continues to make its profound impact in people’s personal, educational and working lives. With these significant adjustments, we are also thankful for the front-liners who are risking their lives fighting on the forefront of ensuring that many lives can be saved, and ensuring that this deadly virus can be safely mitigated.

Notwithstanding for the rest of us, who are doing our part by staying home to help lessen the transmission of the infection under the directive of our Government’s Movement Control Order (MCO), which as of today, has been in effect for more than a month.

As part of the Technical Support team of IPSB Technology, we have looked for ways to maintain our daily customs, albeit in different ways, to ensure that we continue to provide our technical support services to the best of our abilities in an effective and timely manner to our customers near and far.

As we adapt and transition to this remote working environment, there are a few challenges that we need to overcome. Due to limitations in movement, we are unable to have face-to-face meetings with our principal vendors, existing and potential customers. While nothing beats having face-to-face meetings, where better connections and relationships can be built over time, we have found that conducting meetings online can prove to be as effective, if not better in several ways.

One key criterion of having a successful online meeting is having a good internet connection. Thankfully, in this day and age, our Internet Service Providers have been offering attractive deals, for which we can take advantage of.

By using video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Amazon Chime or Google Hangouts, meetings are scheduled and optimized structurally, and with our assigned roles, are able to make progress on any initiated or current projects. You could say that most meetings that are well organized can save time and put more effort into getting the tasks done. We have also found this to be a great way to stay connected with our colleagues, by checking on each other every day. We are able to virtually collaborate on projects, consult one another and even have some moments for ‘watercooler’ conversations.

As most of our customers are in the Media and Entertainment industry, which is part of the essential services that must be provided during the MCO, we have been able to travel to their premises (with an authorization letter provided) to troubleshoot major issues that arose and solve them promptly. Whenever possible, we will avoid doing so unless it is necessary to negate any potential future hazards.

This is because, as part of our routine in any project implementation, we have equipped our technology solutions with remote access capabilities, thus ensuring we are able to monitor, analyze and make improvements at any time and anywhere around the globe. This tried and tested so-called ‘disaster plan’ has enabled us to continuously offer them critical customer service and support just as we do on a daily basis. This automated set up means that there are fewer tasks that require us to be onsite for. Apart from this, we also offer the usual phone and chat support whenever we are needed. Our customers rely on us to provide specialist technology and support for the services that they use.

To be better employees, a key factor in maintaining a productive working from home scenario, is to have a good daily routine and a conducive space to work in. We have to stick to a plan and know how to balance work and leisure with habitual working hours during the day, and having sufficient rest and spending quality time with the family for the rest of the day.

As this ‘Work from Home’ routine is becoming the de facto due to the outbreak of Covid-19, utilising remote working technologies has definitely helped us in sustaining our delivered technological systems, ensuring that all is in good running order at all times.

Rest assured, we are not justifying that our technical support services will operate at the same level of efficiency, but truly confident that we have the technology and automation in place to operate and assist those who depend on us at this most unusual times. This has been truly helpful in preserving and improving our relationships with our customers who have entrusted us to provide the technology solutions that work and have a better impact on their business operations and performances.

The bottom line is that, we hope that this gives our customers peace of mind and any uncertainties present right now, away from them.


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