KUALA LUMPUR, 15 October 2021 In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), our success story with The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), which collects national economic and social statistics, has been released and is available here. IPSB was chosen as AWS Public Sector Partner to migrate the Malaysia Statistics Ubiquitous Learning (MySUL)—DOSM’s e-learning solution for training census workers—to the cloud to address access and performance issues. 

DOSM worked with IPSB to use Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network, alongside DOSM’s on-premises hosting solution, reducing the hosting workload when MySUL reaches peak demand in advance of the census period.

This e-learning solution, MySUL, requires a platform that runs as efficiently and securely as possible. Working with IPSB, DOSM began using automatic scaling in Amazon CloudFront to reduce its hosting workload and operational costs. DOSM uses Amazon CloudFront to cache the hosting for its on-premises MySUL web server. It also uses AWS Certificate Manager, a service for provisioning, managing, and deploying public and private Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security certificates to manage the secure socket layer for MySUL.

“MySUL includes a lot of multimedia content to help census workers improve their skills and knowledge, but we received a lot of user complaints about access,” says Mr Razale Ibrahim. Principal assistant director, Department of Statistics MalaysiaAmazon CloudFront is very helpful because we can cache the content for users to access smoothly on the cloud instead of on our server.”

Congratulations DOSM on becoming the first Malaysian federal government agency to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

For more information, visit AWS and DOSM’s official portals  or read the case study at https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/dosm-case-study/ . You can visit AWS at their Facebook and Instagram or DOSM at their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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