RTM MyKlik was developed in 2012 to enable Streaming Media Service Platform for Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), a Malaysian public broadcaster that has been around for more than 7 decades. This platform is to broadcast RTM’s Live TV, Live Radio and Video On Demand to potentially more than 20 million Malaysian public with internet access. The platform is also available from around the world so that Malaysians abroad can enjoy a taste of home.

In 2015, MyKlik faced issues with users complaining about poor experience, constant buffering and this resulted in low page views and users of less than 300,000.

When IPSB took over MyKlik in 2016, our team found the system’s inability to cater to the high capacity of users and decided to work with AWS to come up with a solution. IPSB Digital Media Delivery Platform managed to power RTM user’s digital experience for three(3) years until 2018, using AWS Services; EC2 for cloud computing, S3 for the video storage, Elemental Live Encoder and Cloudfront for CDN. We also partnered with Glue Media Publishing provides tools to centralize data and assets from third-party and Telos Alliance for radio encoders.

Progressively, IPSB managed to overcome MyKlik’s performance issue especially during the high traffic due to special events and special program broadcast by RTM. Even with the high traffic, AWS’s EC2 Reserved Instances provided significant cost reduction due to capacity reservation which was possible because of the contract tenure.

As a result, during the FIFA World Cup 2018, MyKlik garnered unique views of 8,093,787. Piala Suzuki AFF 2018 (Thailand VS Malaysia, Game 2), MyKlik able to reach 250,341 unique play per hour and 285, 715 total plays per hour within 19:00 – 22:00hours. Overall, there was an increase of almost 300% in page views and users.