IPSB Technology

IPSB Technology Rebranding

Mar 1, 2019 KOTA DAMANSARA: After 10 years of being in the industry. We are excited to anounce the rebranding of Integriti Padu Sdn Bhd. Say hello to IPSB Technology (our new brand name for Integriti Padu Sdn Bhd). Throughout this new phase, we will continue to strive and provide the best in curating solutions to solve business needs. At IPSB, you will still see the familiar faces. However, say hello to the new addition and better experiences. As we further emerge, we would like to thank all our loyal customers, partners and friends. We look forward to serving you under the new IPSB Technology brand. Still an industry expert in Digital Media & Big Data. Still the go-to place for Managed Services.

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