IPSB Technology’s Asset Management Partners : Axle AI, Codemill-Cantemo, Strawberry by Projective and Tools on Air


Through strategic partnerships with cutting-edge technology companies specializing in broadcasting, IPSB Technology is empowered to provide tailor-made solutions that cater to our clients’ unique requirements. 

Digital asset management is increasingly adopted across industries for secure file storage and efficient work completion. It drives organizations to implement comprehensive solutions, including collaboration, governance, digital storage, and asset-tracking services. DAM aids in improving marketing and branding strategies, attracting more users due to its social media integration. These factors propel the digital asset management market’s growth from 2023 to 2032, with Asia-Pacific dominating at 34.8% market share.


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In the upcoming quarter, our partner focus will spotlight four exceptionally innovative and technologically advanced companies that specialise in media asset management, specifically within the realm of broadcasting. These companies offer superior solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of the industry.


axle ai


Axle ai has been working together with IPSB Technology for a decade and has been instrumental to the success of Radio Televisyen Malaysia’s (RTM) “Arkib Digital Berita (ADiB) which has recently won the Innovation Award for News Digital Archive at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Awards 2023 ceremony held in Singapore. The ADiB system is implemented to manage media coverage, either in raw or edited versions allowing media material to be published further, on either TV, radio, or social media platforms. Axle ai media asset management was installed on premises at the headquarters of RTM in Angkasapuri, along with all 13 branches spread throughout Malaysia.  Axle AI’s on-premise AI-driven video search and Connectr workflow automation with global hybrid-cloud search capabilities were implemented across all the sites.


Watch an excerpt of RTM’s win on our LinkedIn post here.

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Codemill’s Cantemo


Cantemo, a hybrid-cloud media asset management system, excels in supporting efficient remote production workflows. Its capabilities have led it to become a valuable member of the AWS Elemental Technology Partner Program, enabling the utilization of cloud infrastructure for live or on-demand video content. Cantemo offers a comprehensive set of solutions designed for fast, simple deployment as part of video workflows with AWS Elemental Media Services. 


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Catch Codemill’s Neal Anderson in the ABU Tech Review’s 2023 Issue 293 Q1 edition featuring Neal’s participation in the “ABU DBS 2023 Session :  Moving Media Workflows To The Cloud ” on page 12-13 here.


Strawberry by Projective


IPSB recently achieved success by delivering an efficient media management solution for Media Prima Berhad (MPB). Strawberry offers a post production asset management solution to the project. It was implemented as the cutting-edge editing solution that offers seamless project sharing and automation capabilities. This hybrid on-premises and cloud solution is compatible with any creative application, ensuring future-proof functionality for MPB.


Follow our social media pages for the upcoming  “Media Prima Berhad – Production Asset Management (PAM)” Case Study.


Tools on Air Broadcast Engineering GmbH


IPSB Technology, the authorized distributor for Apple products, has strengthened its position as a leading hardware provider for workstations. Known for their high performance and robust build quality, Apple products are favored by numerous organizations. IPSB Technology understands the importance of offering integrated solutions that seamlessly complement Apple devices, ensuring a comprehensive experience for their clients. During the ABU DBS 2023 event in March, IPSB Technology showcased its partnership with Tools on Air, a pioneer in the concept of a “TV station in a Mac.” ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering GmbH offers innovative and powerful solutions for ingest, playout, and live closed captions, running on macOS and/or Linux platforms. These cost-effective solutions cater to the daily requirements of TV stations, further enhancing IPSB Technology’s offerings in the broadcast industry.


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