Education Technology: Never Lag Behind

July 13, 2020, IPSB Sales

We have come to an interesting point where education is a hot topic everywhere. Then come the emerging technologies to support learning online. IPSB Technology rises as a leader (read: experienced industry player) of Big Data Infrastructure and Digital Media to pursue and explore the education sector from different angles and collaborations. The pandemic era boosted digital transformation and the desire for Artificial Intelligence. Our technology is able to keep up the current uptrend and integrate with any learning management system. Solutions packaging have been intensified every level the customer wishes to explore, from the Learning Management System (LMS), Video Management Platform (VMP) and Artificial Intelligence for Education.

Intuitive and engaging niche classroom, media and participation in assessment is further enhanced via Video Management Platform (VMP). Students and educators synergy in the platform is key to sustaining the learning environment despite the lack of physical facilities. There are concerns about different students having different connectivity speed, but our technology can support them by providing access to different video bitrates with maintained audio and watchable video streams. Live presentations or classes have no limits of viewers and viewers can share polls, media and chat with the presenter in a Webinar-like environment.

INTRIGUING? Many have expressed their concern about maintaining storages on these bandwidth-consuming video platforms. Our 12 years of experience in the Digital Media industry doesn’t fall short in terms of providing effortless sizing and scalability to the customer. We are already in the business as AWS Partner Network (APN) Select Tier, our reach and scalability is limitless across the globe. Customers who rely on us will have the flexibility to scale up or scale down their business as our pricing package is pay-per-use, furthermore, they can market their contents and solutions throughout the whole wide world. However, there are some customers still preserving their contents in-house or locally, they can also choose to go with our on-premise servers or our partnership with local Telecommunications Provider.

With massive contents comes messy storage. Worry not, we have managed PetaBytes of digital content from local broadcasters to ministries from different countries via our ESAS Media Asset Management. Users can manage their content virtually or have out Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage it for them with metadata tagging. Each tagged content will display their duration, size, keywords and description including their facial recognition and speech-to-text identification by the AI Engine. Our solution is best for customers with long term aspiration to be a leader in digital education and wish to penetrate and scale for the global market.

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday” – The late Steve Jobs, previous CEO of Apple Inc.


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