Executive summary

Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia, Media Prima Berhad (“Media Prima” or the “Group”) is Malaysia’s leading fully-integrated media company with a complete repertoire of media-related businesses in Television, Print, Radio, Out-of-Home Advertising, Content and Digital Media. 

In 2015, Media Prima had issues with the archiving and post-production department and Enterprise Storage and Archiving System (ESAS) – 5 Petabyte Centralized Storage for On-Premise (Sri Pentas) & Disaster Recovery (Glenmarie).

Overview – The Quick Pitch

The Problem

Objectives for Archive:


  • To eliminate the use of tape media (LTO & Video Tape) for long term archive.
  • To have better retrieval and restoring time for the archived material directly to MXFServer.
  • Simplifying the current system architecture by minimizing the workflow complexity.
  • To promote a total firebase/tapeless workflow to minimize the file transcode, encode and decode.
  • To find scalable storage with very high data availability.
  • Provide a storage solution with almost zero downtime/year (high redundancy).
  • To have mirror backup at DR site.



Objectives for Post Production:



  • To have a scalable and high throughput production server to cater for future high-resolution video editing format and to cater for the possible incremental number of in-house production.
  • To utilize MXFServer at the Production Asset Management system (PAM).
  • To integrate with solutions that can verify the right/permitted file format and specification.


The Solutions


  • Multiple departments collaborate on work to reach objectives in the shortest time possible.
  • No more storage and data black holes.
  • With the flexibility of infrastructure, customer be able to venture into new business and focus on generating revenue

Financial Highlights

  • Managed Service